Cupcakes, Desserts & Specialty

Cupcake Flavors

Classic Cupcake Flavors



Yellow Cream


Buttercream, Chocolate buttercream, fudge, cream cheese and whipped cream

start at $.85 -$1.50

Specialty Gourmet Flavors

Cookies and Cream

Chocolate Peanut butter

Raspberry Lemonade

Coconut cream

Red Velvet

Strawberry cream cheese



Pina Colada Pineapple

Start at $2.49

Fancy Designs with style

Rolled sugar pearl

Crystal sugar

Sugar soft flowers

Start at $2.49

Fondant cupcakes and Gum paste flowers vary from $2.49-$6

Most specialty cupcake designs vary in price based on flavor and design.

Pricing may change based on these options.

Pie Flavors

Fresh Baked Fruit 3”pies







$2.95 each

3” Mousse Cream Pies

Lemon Chiffon Mousse

Chocolate Raspberry

Chocolate Mousse

Peanut butter cup

Aloha Pineapple

Fresh Strawberry

Nutella Mousse

Cookies N’ Cream

Vanilla Butter Custard Boston cream

Key lime

Fresh fruit Bavarian

$2.95 each


Mini Desserts & Specialty

Mini Desserts and Specialty

Assorted Cake Pops $1.50

Specialty Cake Pops $2-$3

Mini cupcakes $.75

Gourmet Shooters $2.75 (flavor combos created upon ordering)

Mini black and white cookies $1.50

   Traditional Cannoli $ 1.25

Assorted Classic Cannoli $1.50

Mini Cream puffs and Eclairs  $.65-95 each

Chocolate dipped strawberries  $1.95

TUX and Bride Strawberries $2.95

Assorted Mini Brownie bites  $.95

Flan $2.49    Bread pudding cups $2.95

Bite size assorted cheesecakes $.95-1.50

Cheese cake cups $2.49

Parfaits $3.49

Italian Tea cookies $14.95

French Macaroons $1.50 each (order of 50 per color)




Tres Leches Cakes

TRES LECHES Cake sizes

Single 8”square Pan (feeds 6-8)   $8.95

                      With fresh fruit          $13.95

¼ sheet Pan (feeds 20)                   $28.95

                       With fresh fruit          $40.95

½ sheet Pan    (feeds40)                $49.95

                      With fresh fruit          $67.95

These are the ONLY sizes made in Tres Leches style. They are all made in a pan, they are not iced or decorated on the side.

Gourmet Cheesecakes

Gourmet Cheesecake Torte layers

 Includes two cake layers, two filling layers and 1 full cheesecake layer.

7” round (feeds 8-10)         $45

10” round  (feeds 22-25)   $75

       Flavors include…Carrot or Red Velvet with cheesecake and cream cheese.

White or chocolate cake with a cheesecake layer along with Raspberry ,Strawberry ,pineapple ,caramel or fudge filling. These can be iced in chocolate butter cream or vanilla butter cream. If no filling is chosen the cake will be filled with the outside frosting.

Gourmet Cookies

Gourmet cookie cakes

10″ GRAB N GO Chocolate Chip cookie

(thinner baked in black pan) $12.95

Higher Cookie cakes that are flipped out of pan and placed on wrapped board.

 8″ round            (feeds 8)            $ 14.95

10″ round           (feeds 12)          $ 18.95

12″ round           (feeds 16)          $ 24.95

14″ round           (feeds 25)          $ 30.95

16″ round           (feeds 40)          $ 40.95

18″ round           (feeds 50)          $ 65.95

  Full Sheet         (feeds 75)          $ 120.95


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